Our Studio


It all started when…

In January 2014, the first class was held in a room inside a house in Santa Clara, CA. With only two poles and two students, the class was mostly for recreation and experience. However, word of the class quickly spread and, a month later, one class grew into five classes and Ly’s Pole Studio LLC was officially opened. By the end of 2014, the number of regular students grew from three to sixty with three to four classes per day on average. Demanding a bigger space, we moved to an upscale apartment in north San Jose in March 2015, where we could accommodate four to five students per class and higher ceiling height of about nine feet tall. As the students advanced and the numbers grew larger, we soon ran out of space again. Seven months later, we decided to move into our official studio space in San Jose with nine, eighteen foot tall poles, accommodating between eight and fourteen students per class. We had the first successful pole show in November 2015 which led to more in June 2016, December 2016, and June 2017.

Today, we have about 150 active students practicing the art of pole dancing weekly as well as providing periodic pole showcases for all levels of students. Our goals is to build a team of the best pole instructors, double the pole community by the end of 2018 and expand our studio into 3000 square foot space of dance and fitness. Our studio mission is to share the art of pole and embrace men and women of all shapes, sizes and ages to love and support each other. The dream is to change people’s opinions about pole fitness and turn pole into one of the most popular activities for men and women in the Bay Area. Come help us make our dream a reality!